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Jedi Academy Server Security
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Forum » JASS » English forum » Weird /serverstatus response
Weird /serverstatus response
WEAPON_XDate: Monday, 01.04.2013, 08:13 | Message # 1
Group: User
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I noticed something weird today. It doesn't seem like a big deal, at least it is not crashing anything and plugin seems to be working properly and actually it may just be me.

Bellow is my console dump. Notice at the end, the serverstatus response.

This only happens when i start jamp.exe server and set dedicated 0 (which i use for debugging sometimes). If I set dedicated 2 and later connect to my server, it looks normal.

I wonder if its my jamp.exe, because I can't remember if i use a custom patch one; so basically, just wondering if its just me.

47628 files in pk3 files
Loading dll file jampgame.
JASS v3.1.0 (Win32) loaded
Mod: lmdplus
Built: 21:43:03 Feb 16 2013 by -1.#IND0000
Attempting to load mod
CModMgr::LoadMod(): Unable to detect mod file setting from configuration
file, attempting to load default DLL mod file "jass_jampgamex86.dll"
Successfully loaded DLL mod "lmdplus/jass_jampgamex86.dll"
Startup successful, proceeding to mod startup
Attempting to load plugins
CPluginMgr::LoadPlugin("plugins/AntiDDoS.dll"): Successfully queried plugin
CPluginMgr::LoadPlugin("plugins/AntiDDoS.dll"): Successfully attached plugin
Successfully loaded 1 plugin(s)
    ------- Installing Engine Patches --------
Failed to patch engine.  Only jampded.exe is supported.
Setting level globals...
------- Game Initialization -------
gamename: Lugormod
gamedate: Jul 23 2011
Registering cvars...
Preparing logs...
Preparing weapon logs...
Preparing session data...
Preparing entities...
Preparing clients...
Setting up server entities...
Loading saber data...
Init npcs...
Init icarus...
Preparing items...
Init siege...
Loading npc nav... not loading.
Running LMD specific startup...
Loading default entities...
Loading authfiles...
Loading Lugormod command level definitions.
Command level data not found.
0 loaded.
Loading accounts...
54 loaded.
Loading factions...
2 loaded.
Loading language filter...
Loading Lugormod profanity filter ...
Lugormod profanity filter data not found.
Loading location data...
Bot location data not found for t2_trip
Loading bans...
Loading custom entity data...
WARNING: Unknown token ROOT in models/players/_humanoid/animation.cfg
Setting team data...
Registering items...
Completing game init...
sv_allowDownload forced to 0.  Do NOT turn this on, it is commonly exploited.
info: IP: localhost astupidbot  0
info: astupidbot joined the battle.
info: IP: WEAPON_X  1
Loading dll file ui.
Loading dll file cgame.
WARNING: Unknown token ROOT in models/players/_humanoid/animation.cfg
WARNING: Default /rate value detected. Suggest typing /rate 25000 for a
smoother connection!
info: WEAPON_X joined the battle.
This server is running JASS v3.1.0
Jedi Academy Server Security without crazy damage
WEAPON_X entered the game
Server (
Server settings:
sv_maxclients           10
g_gameMode              192
g_showDuelHealths       1
g_allowNPC              1
g_stepSlideFix          1
g_debugmelee            1
g_forceRegenTime        200
g_forcePowerDisable     262143
g_weaponDisable         131059
g_maxGameClients        0
g_jediVmerc             0
g_siegeRespawn          20
g_siegeTeam1            none
g_siegeTeam2            none
bot_minplayers          3
sv_allowDownload        0
g_duelWeaponDisable     1
g_forceBasedTeams       0
duel_fraglimit          10
g_maxForceRank          1
num: score: ping: name:
0    0      0     Server!\version\JAmp: v1.0.1.0 win-x86 Oct 24 2003\g_gametyp
1    0      0     unknown
2    0      0     "astupidbot"
3    0      0     "WEAPON_X"

Message edited by WEAPON_X - Monday, 01.04.2013, 08:15
BufferOverflowDate: Sunday, 07.04.2013, 13:02 | Message # 2
Group: Developer
Messages: 47
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I hadn't ever tried to use JASS with dedicated 0, it's just not designed to. For debugging you can simply unload plaugin antiddos using jass unload, or disable jass using jass shutdown
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