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fasfDate: Sunday, 07.10.2012, 13:35 | Message # 1
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Hello. I would like to ask you if there's a way to do something like this (without writing custom mod):
* If player writes on chat @mynick "mynick" is replaced by the nick of player who wrote it.
* if player uses a button which is connected to target_print with @mynick it displays his name
I've been asking around and trying to do so but I failed. Maybe any of you guys have ideas?
BufferOverflowDate: Monday, 08.10.2012, 14:48 | Message # 2
Group: Developer
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First, character " is restricted for use in chat (it sends a command "chat \"Something\n\"").
If you'll read the "Creating plugins for JAZZ tutorial", you'll see an example of printing chat:
int sv_maxclients = JASS_GETINTCVAR("sv_maxclients");
char *chat = JASS_VARARGS("chat \"%s\n\"", "What_you_want_to_print");
g_syscall(G_SEND_SERVER_COMMAND, PlayerNum, chat );

So, replacing name in chat is very simple. Hook a G_SEND_SERVER_COMMAND (it is described in the tutorial), then, replace @myname in string (be careful with length, it's may be unsafe), or block this chat string and generate new one like:
     ...searching for @myname...
     char *chat = JASS_VARARGS("chat \"%s\n\"", generatedString);
     g_syscall(G_SEND_SERVER_COMMAND, -1, chat );

I'm not sure about target_print. If it's going through server, it could be hooked via JASS the same way, but I haven't checked it out.
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