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Maybe useful for kill tracker
WEAPON_XDate: Monday, 05.03.2012, 06:53 | Message # 1
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edit: ops i fixed previously i mixed 'item' and 'ent', i like to use 'item' but seems more proper to use 'ent' as in sdk

My friend suggested a plugin that allows players to place bounty on other players. What I was most concerned with was, how will i keep track of kills.

I thought, there must a nice way, otherwise i would have to go by the printed obituary i.e "Padawan was detonated by WEAPON_X"... but then I found the better way.

When a player is killed, the game creates a temporary entity that is broadcasted to clients and it has all the information about the kill. Since all temporary entities go through LinkEntity() i thought I was finished. However it turns out the data is set after LinkEntity().

finally, i decided to try by checking at Unlinkentity(). So by checking unlinkentity you can get who was killed, by who and how. bellow is example:

In JASS_Syscall(int cmd, int arg0 .....)

if (cmd == G_UNLINKENTITY)
gentity_t* ent = (gentity_t*)arg0;
if (!strncmp(ent->classname, "tempEntity", 10)){
if (ent->s.eType == 111) // 111 = an kill broadcast entity
// here you can grab the data, see bellow for where the data is located

according to sdk this is where the data would be found is

method of death : ent->s.eventParm
the person who died: ent->s.otherEntityNum
the killer: ent->s.otherEntityNum2

good luck! You can use this make server killtracker or for bountys

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BufferOverflowDate: Monday, 05.03.2012, 15:54 | Message # 2
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WEAPON_X, hm, that's good information. I was thinking about killtracker plugin, but I'm a bit lazy, so I've discontinued any attempts in start. Maybe, I'll make an alpha-version in weekend.
Forum » JASS » English forum » Maybe useful for kill tracker
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